Preemie Child Resources

Resources for parents of children born premature.

Preemie Books
Recommended books for parents of preemies and their children.

Special Needs Books
Recommended books on specific special needs and disabilities.

Special Needs Parenting Books
Books for parents of children with special needs.
Over 20 years of information on parenting your premature baby and child.

Preemie Child
The oldest and only international online support group for parents of preemies school age to adult.

Comeunity:Premature Baby Premature Child
Huge database of articles on prematurity.

Childrens Disabilities Information
Exceptional website with articles and resources on children's special needs common among prematurely born children.

Preemie Shops and Services
Directory of products and online stores specifically for preemies.

Premature Baby Resources
Resources for parents of premature babies.