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By Allison Martin

Resource websites that lead you to the world of preemie parenting. I started this list of sites in 1996 and its still a great resource. Enjoy..

Parents of Premature Babies
This comprehensive website from the list owners and founders of Preemie-L mailing list, Anne Casey and Gary Hardy provides:

  • Archives and introductions of past Preemie-L email list messages
  • FAQS related to prematurity
  • Discussion forum and mailing list
  • An in-depth quarterly newsletter
  • Published papers Preemie-L conferences (1998, 1999, 2001)
  • Pointers to other preemie resources.

Allison & Rick Martin's Prematurity website provides a wealth of support and information on the long term effects of prematurity for parents of children born premature. The only support site and list exclusively focused on school age children, Premature Child includes a large collection of articles by professionals and parents, resources and support forums on the special needs of prematurity.

Comeunity: Premature Baby Premature Child
Companion website on preemie babies and older preemies. Covers preemie parenting, preemie care and preemie stories. A great set of stories, articles, resources and indepth research to keep you occupied for hours in reading about preemies.

The Early Edition
The Preemie-l newsletter The Early Edition, edited by Tammy Bangs, was a collaborative publication which brought together a collection of wisdom and discussions from preemie parents and professionals. The Early Edition is an informative and moving consolidation of the experiences of parents of preemies packaged for distribution to your NICU, support groups, friends and family.

Childrens Disabilities Information
A great resource for parents of preemies who might have special needs. This comprehensive website on children's special needs, covers many of the long term impacts related to prematurity. Sensory integration, cerebral palsy, vision impairment, speech and language, attention deficit (ADHD, autism and more.
Dianne Maroney, a NICU nurse and the co-author of "Your Premature Baby and Child", provides an array of helpful articles and advice for parents and nurses on parenting a premature child. If you have a premature baby or preschooler, take a moment to visit this website - you will be glad that you did.
Amy Tracy, the co-author of "Your Premature Baby and Child," provides a reading room on PreemieParents for parents of children born premature. Her informative articles include topics such as parenting your preemie, your preemie's clues, mild developmental delays and retinopathy of prematurity (ROP).

Emory Pediatrics Developmental Continuity Program
A professional collection of articles for physicians, parents, and therapists involved with the care and development of children born prematurely is provided at this site by Dr. Sheena Carter and other members of the Emory Developmental Continuity Program, of Emory University. A great resource for those interested in long term issues of prematurity - from babies to older children.

Tommy's CyberNursery Preemie Web
The King's CyberNursery is one of the longest standing preemie sites on the Web and features an extensive listing of preemie, baby and parenting links. It documents the life of their preemie boy from infancy to teen. You can also read comments from visitors and Tommy's updates on facebook.

Kangaroo Care
Krisanne provides inspiration for parents who wish to provide Kangaroo Care of their premature babies in the NICU. This site's explanation, photographs, and parent quotes on this special handling technique provide encouragement to parents around the world.

Preemie Info
Terry Tremethick's active website Preemie Info is an moderated interactive display where parent view and submit stories, poems, photos and links to share with one another.

Preemie Web Ring
Rosanne Smith's Preemie Ring is a collection of premature infant web sites. Go around the ring and visit sites of preemie parents all over the world.

Rebecca Pittelko' Imagines page a collection of personal anecdotes been posted on the preemie-L mailing list. This is a stirring set of quotes documenting the emotional response to parenting and giving birth to a baby born premature.

Premature Baby Information
Neonatologist Dr. Doug Derleth's Premature Baby Information page provides expert information on issues important issues for parents of premature infants. His articles include such as Minimizing Pain in the NICU, Retinopathy of Prematurity, RSV FAQ, and Extreme Prematurity.

Preemie-l Photo Gallery
Melissa Armstrong's Preemie-l Photo Gallery provides a wonderful collection of photographs of children of preemie-l members arranged by gestational age. A great visual testimonial for children born premature. Photo's and links to personal websites are provided. The "Guardian Angels" page pays homage to the premature babies who did not survive.

Inkan's Homepage
Ingrid Olsson Renfor's Inkan's Home Page provides information and resources about PROM (Premature Rupture of Membranes), an illustrated list of preemie stories by gestational age, and support services for Swedish parents of preemies.

Association Des Parents D'Enfants Prematures du Quebec (APEP)
An organization in Quebec, Canada, which provides support and information for families of infants born before 37 weeks gestation, and health professionals. Support list, brochures and website are provided in French.

Michael T Hynan's Home Page
Michael Hynan conducts research on stress reactions in parents that have had their premature (or full-term high-risk) infant hospitalized in the NICU. His website provides text of talks on coping with high risk birth and the NICU.

The Coalition for Prematurity Awareness
Mary Searcy and Sandra Peters created this site for the Coalition for Prematurity Awareness to organize the promotion of awareness of the incidence of premature births in the United States, the preventable causes, and possible consequences. A part of the Elaine Sayers'

Alexis Foundation
Elaine Sayers' Alexis Foundation provides articles from the prematurity conference 1999 and other resources.

Miracle Sam: VIP (Very Important Preemie)
Susan Warren's web page Miracle Sam: Very Important Preemie contains the touching story of her son Sam, who was born with a number of premature complications and immunodefciency. Her website includes guidance on "Learning to Touch a Preemie," lactation, caring for a central line, and instructions to make a custom cover for an isolette.

T-Bone's Survival Tips for New Preemie Parents
Kerry Bone's website T-Bone's Survival Tips for New Preemie Parents provides suggestions to help parents, family and friends cope with the emotional side of the birth of a premature baby. Articles cover subjects such as asking questions, taking care of yourself, emotions, breast feeding, how your family and friends cope, holidays, disabilities and many more.

Amy's HELLP Syndrome Page
Ami Logan's HELLP Syndrome homepage provides inforamtion and resources on HELLP (Hemolysis, Elevated liver, Low platelet), pre-eclampsia, and pregnancy induced hypertension. In addition, the HELLP website provides HELLP syndrome birth stories, a message board and the HELLP Syndrome WebRing.

Preemie Mom's Page
In the Preemie Mom's Page Sandra Peters shares the life changing experience of the premature births of her two children. Her well written articles on parenting a child with cerebral palsy are compelling and informative. Articles from her newsletter, Preemie Parent Connection, cover topics such as assisting preemie dads and granddads, surviving a medical crises, and supporting the siblings of a special needs child, from a number of distinguished contributers.

Copyright Allison Martin


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