Raising Your Preemie

Parenting your baby and child born premature - articles, books and resources. Each of these sections will help you through a different facet of this difficult time.

child born premature stomping in rain puddles

As a preemie parent your journey is just beginning once you leave the NICU. Preemie babies and children can have short and long lasting impacts related to prematurity. Here you will find support and articles on this special journey.

Preemie Books
Reviews of recommended books for preemie parents.

Your First Year
The transition home is a happy time but also can be overwhelming. From coping with reflux to dealing with over-stimulation, here you will find articles and resources to help you in your first year with your preemie.

Parenting Your Child
Prematurity effects continue, even as your child ages. The emotions and requirements of parenting your preemie continue, sometimes into adulthood.

Getting Help
Often you will find you need to advocate for your child, to get the assistance they need. Advice on how to advocate for your preemie.

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Preemie Special Needs
Specific short and long term impacts related to prematurity.