Supporting preemie parents with over 200 articles and resources to learn about and cope with impacts of premature birth. Since 1996, the Prematurity website and Preemie Child support group is the first and only major preemie parent organization for the growing population of older preemies. Advice for parents of younger preemies from preemie parents and professionals who have been on this journey.

Grandmother holds baby born premature

Parenting Your Preemie in the NICU

Helping Babies in the NICU
How you can help preemies in the NICU

Preemie Stories
Stories of preemies and their parents.

Taking Care of Your Baby
Caring for your preemie baby in the NICU

NICU Struggles
Difficulties in the NICU

Preemie Resources

Preemie Books
Reviews of the best preemie books.

Author Interviews
Preemie authors discuss important issues about prematurity.

Preemie Shops and Services
Top products for preemies.

Preemie Child Support Group
Online discussion group for parents of older preemies.

Child born prematurelySpecial Needs of Preemies

Short and Long Term Issues of Prematurity

Raising Your Preemie

Your First Year
Parenting your preemie baby

Parenting Your Child
Caring for your preemie child

Getting Help
Advocating for your preemie child

Celebrating preemies!

Support Group
Forum for parents of older preemies.


Does My Preemie Feel Pain?
Most people would agree that young babies feel pain, even babies born prematurely. However, despite scientific evidence, the idea that preemies do not feel pain is still prevalent.

Developmental Follow-up of Pre-term Infants at High Risk for Delays is Essential
All children should have some developmental screening periodically throughout childhood.

How to Talk So Doctors Will Listen
Tips for parent communicating with doctors and other health professionals.

The Prematurity website:

premature baby Founded in 1996, the Prematurity website provide support, information and resources for parents of children born prematurely - from birth to adulthood. This website has a unique focus on the long term impacts of prematurity. It is also a great resource for advocates of preemies - anyone wishing to help children born prematurely.

My miracle son was born at 26 weeks, weighing only one pound 2 ounces and barely 12 inches long. After four months in the NICU, he came home on oxygen for his first year. This was before the internet, so I was extremely isolated. As the internet evolved, I became more and more involved in providing in online support so other parents would not have to endure this isolation. I have had wonderful interactions and provided support through a wonderful, very active former group Preemie-L, my Preemie-Child group for older preemies, and my websites. My son been effected by almost every possible result of prematurity. As a result of intense research and interactions with parents, older preemies, doctors, nurses, authors, NICU personal and many other professionals while I raised my son, I learned a tremendous amount about premature birth and its aftermath. This website takes you through the gamut of prematurity impacts - from the NICU through childhood and adulthood. The companion site Children's Disabilities Information provides information on many of the special needs diagnoses preemies may experience as they grow up.


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