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Nationwide Health Training offers pediatric advanced life saving certification for all doctors and nurses that is American Heart Association Certified.

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Preemie Blogging Advice
Looking for support? Considering a preemie blog? A preemie parent provides advice and encouragement on starting a preemie blog in this helpful interview.

What to Do When Your Child is in the Hospital
Parenting tips for when your child returns to the hospital.

Prematurity is a volunteer preemie website from our family for your preemie. Our goal is to support preemie parents by providing information on prematurity and preemie care. Since 1996, the Prematurity website has been a top ranked preemie support site in major search engines, preemie books, TV, and the news. Preemie Child, our support group for parents of school age preemies, is the first and only major preemie parent organization for the growing population of older preemies. A Parent Support Site from Allison & Rick Martin

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