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Surviving the NICU - Premature Baby

Giving birth prematurely is a tramatic event, culminating in a nerve wracking and overwhelming ordeal. Professionals and parents provide advice, stories, and support to help your family survive the NICU.

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Preemie Parenting in the NICU
The Benefits of Breastfeeding Milk for your Preterm Baby (Preemie)
Mothers of preterm babies who breastfeed provide their baby with milk especially formulated for preemie development. Preemies receive many benefits from breastfeeding, including protection against infection, better developmental outcome, and reduced stress. Cindy C. Martin, RN and Jeanette Zaichkin, RN
Milestones and Special Events to Record in Your Preemie's Memory Book
A few ideas to reference that may be applicable for you to record on your own as they occur, day by day or week by week. Erin E. Taylor

Preemie Blogging Advice
Looking for support? Considering a Mother who give birth to preterm babies can provide their baby with milk specially formulated for preemie development. As this article explains, preemies receive many benefits from breastfeeding, including protection against infection, better developmental outcome, and reduced stress.preemie blog? A preemie parent provides advice and encouragement on starting a preemie blog in this helpful interview. Nicole Zimmerman/Allison Martin

How Can I Help? Twenty Do's and Don'ts When Talking to Parents of a Preemie Baby
Advice on what to say and do (and avoid!) when your friend or relative has a baby in Neonatal Intensive Care Hospital (NICU). Menetra D. Hathorn

Coming Home from the NICU
A father shares his joys and fears when bringing preemie twins home from the NICU. Jeff Ewing
Baby Monitors in the NICU
Keeping an eye on your baby's monitors in the NICU is important while watching your baby. Dr. Laura Nathanson
Sibling Visits to Your Baby in the NICU
Having a sibling in the NICU is a difficult time for any child. Here is some excellent advice for older brothers and sisters visiting babies in the NICU. Kristie McNealy

Comforting Touch and Massage Reduce Stress for Preterm Infants in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
Although gentle, still touch has immediate positive effects, these studies suggest that preterm infants receive very little of the comforting, nonprocedural touch in the NICU that they so need. Lynda Law Harrison

Parenting Your Baby in Neonatal Intensive Care and First Days Home
Expert advice on parenting your premature baby in the NICU and as you prepare to bring your baby home. Jeanette Zaichkin
Helping Parents Survive the Emotional "Roller Coaster Ride" in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit
Well known author and nurse provides personal suggestions for NICU nurses. Dianne Maroney
Gastroesophageal Reflux in Preemies
Symptoms and management of reflux in premature babies. Dianne I. Maroney
Providing Comfort and Developmentally Supportive Care for Your Premature Baby
Comfort your premature baby in the NICU by minimizing noise, providing positioning support, and reading your baby's clues. Susan L. Madden
Kangaroo Care Benefits
Research and results supporting kangaroo care of pre-term infants. Krisanne Larimer
A pediatrician's advice on breastfeeding. Dr. Michel Cohen
How to Participate in the Physical Care of Your Preemie in the NICU
Providing basic physical baby care for your preemie in the NICU. Susan L. Madden

Patient's Portion Zero
Preemie parents receive their first (astronomical) hospital bill for their baby. Jeff Stimpson

The First Bath - Caring for Our Preemie in the NICU
Bathing our preemie connected us as a family. William H. Woodwell, Jr.
What Every Preemie Parent Needs to Know About Newborn Intensive Care
Jeanete Zaichkin, editor of Newborn Intensive Care offers experienced advice in this exclusive interview. Allison Martin
Related Articles
Developmental Care: Overstimulation and Your Premature Baby
Your premature baby gets upset easily - what can you do to help? Maren Peterson-DeGroff
Prematurity Books
Recommended books and author interviews for preemie parents. Allison Martin
Will My Baby "Catch Up"?
A summary of scientific studies on growth and prematurity. Dr. Raye-Ann deRegnier
Preemie Baby Research
Articles on pre-term infant research.
Parent Advocates : Born in the NICU
A parent’s participation in their premature child’s care in the NICU plays a significant role in their effectiveness after discharge, when they advocate for their special needs child. Allison Martin
Ambiguous Loss
Experiencing joy and grief after the birth of a premature child. Kimberly A. Powell
Preemie Parenting : What A Difference A Year Makes
The joys and fears of a premature birth, and the miracle of friends on the journey. Laura Biddle-Bruckman
Preemie Parent NICU Stories
New Preemie Mother in the SCBU
Poignant experiences of a new preemie mother, from An Innocent A Broad. Ann Leary
The First Visit to the NICU
You can hardly believe it is true.. a preemie father visits the NICU. William H. Woodwell, Jr.

Coming to Terms with Prematurity
In this interview, William H. Woodwell, the author of Coming to Term: A Father's Story of Birth, Loss, and Survival, explains how prematurity affected his family and provides suggestions for parents and professionals coping with premature birth. Allison Martin

Born Too Soon
Elizabeth Mehren, author of Born Too Soon, provides advice to parents in the NICU and discusses her book, in this exclusive interview. Allison Martin
Tommy's Early Start
A preemie mom share the story of her premature baby's birth. Darlene Almer
Adam - A Preemie's Story
The story of a two pound preemie's NICU experience and his tracheostomy. Tina Persels
Living Miracles
Co-author Kimberly Powell describes her experiences editing the collection of preemie parent stories in Living Miracles in this exclusive interview. Allison Martin
Living Miracles
Co-author Kim Wilson she shares her thoughts on her book of preemie parent stories, Living Miracles, in this exclusive interview. Allison Martin
Kangarooing My Little Miracle
Personal story of providing kangaroo care in the NICU. Krisanne Larimer
Where Am I? Who Am I?
Stream of consciousness in the NICU - exploring the feelings of a mother of a newborn premature baby. Pat Linkhorn
Prematurity Books
Remarkable NICU stories from preemie parents.
Preemie Parent Support
Share Your Child's Accomplishments
Share your joy with other parents in our Guest Book.
Prematurity Mailing Lists and Forums
Directory of discussion groups for preemie parents.
Special Needs Mailing Lists
This well known directory provides an annotated listing of email discussion groups for parents of children with disabilities and special needs.
Premature Baby Resource Websites
Websites that lead you to the world of preemie parenting.
For More Information
Preemie Development and Special Needs
Feeding, growth, sensory integration, vision, motor impairment, and other important preemie concerns.


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