When Your Baby is in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of the Hospital

Surviving the NICU roller coaster - articles, books and resources. Each of these sections will help you through a different facet of this difficult time.

premature babies in the hospital

Premature Baby Books
Recommended books for preemie parents and children.

How to Help Parents and Premature Babies in the Hospital
What nurses, relatives, friends and generous people can do to help preemies in the NICU.

Preemie Stories
Parents of pre-term babies share their heart wrenching personal stories and poems.

Caring for Your Premature Baby in the Neonatal Unit
Parenting in the NICU - caring for your pre-term infant and advocacy.

NICU Struggles
Difficulties in the NICU, postpartum depression, death, loss and more.

Premature Baby Resources
Annotated list of resources for preemie parents.