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Encouraging preemie parents to advocate for their children.

Articles - Preemie Advocacy
When Your Baby is in the NICU - What To Do
How to care for yourself when you have a preemie. Jeff Ewing
Parent Advocates : Born in the NICU
Parents do not necessarily come to advocacy for their special children by nature. They become advocates in surviving the NICU -- perhaps the most emotional and stressful time of their lives. Allison Martin
Roles of Effective Parent Advocates
The breadth and depth of the roles parents of children with special needs must play in their child’s life. Advocacy is a difficult and sometimes overwhelming responsibility, but the benefits are ultimately rewarding. Allison Martin
My Goals for Advocating for Premature Children
I would hope that all parents, grandparents, friends of premature children become advocates for premature childrens’ rights. Here is my story and policy recommendation, which you can adapt and forward to your local educators and political representatives. Patti Wrape
No One is an Island
The value of support groups for parent advocates. Pat Linkhorn
How to Talk So Doctors Will Listen
Tips for parent communicating with doctors and other health professionals. Karen Melnick
How Can I Help? Twenty Do's and Don'ts When Talking to Parents of a Preemie Baby
Advice on what to say and do (and avoid!) when your friend or relative has a baby in Neonatal Intensive Care Hospital (NICU). Menetra D. Hathorn (in our NICU section)
Another Monday?
A humorous look at life with a child with special needs. Pat Linkhorn
Take a tip from your kids... Ask until you get the right answer. Pat Linkhorn
Look Through the Windows of My World
An open letter to educators from parents of children with special needs. Pat Linkhorn


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