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Believe in Katie Lynn
by Dr. Bartholomew Resta
"Wow, someone has written our NICU story! Written by a pediatrician, this is a remarkable story of a preemie baby and the saving grace of a mother's touch. Day after day, the mother waits by the bedside as her preemie weakens. The doctors add more, complex machines for "Baby 2" and worry about all the long term effects of prematurity. Finally, when her mother is allowed to hold the almost lifeless baby , her gentle touch helps her grow. Despite handicaps due to her premature birth, the baby grows up to be a caring and productive adult, caring for preemies herself. Probably too frightening for young children, this is a great resource for professionals, older children and adults coping with prematurity. This hardcover book brings tears to my eyes, I can't wait to share it with my preemie son."
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My Baby Sister is a Preemie

My Baby Sister Is a Preemie (Helping Kids Heal)
by Diana M. Amadeo
"A lovely picture book for children who have a preemie brother or sister in the NIUC. This book is straightforward and factual, telling the story of the growing preemie and her sister's visits. A nice touch for religious families, it reminds us of God's presence, even in the hospital. Accurate and reassuring, this preemie book is a nicely presentedl resource for hospitals, libraries and homes."
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No Bigger Preemie Book

No Bigger than My Teddy Bear
by Valerie Pankow
"A cute factual paperback for young children who have a prematurely born sibling in the hospital. This colorful children's picture book presents the NICU in a reasurring and informative manner, from the view of a young boy. Circumstances that children might encounter are well explained, such as handwashing, monitors, feeding, and visitations. In the end, the new baby comes home, still no bigger than his brother's Teddy Bear. A great resource for families waiting for their babies in the NICU, and for hospitals, libraries and support professionals."
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Heaven's Brightest Star Preemie Book

Heaven's Brightest Star
by Kara M. Glad
"This preemie book is a wonderful resource for children who have lost a sibling due to premature birth. It is the story of little Katie, who is happily waiting to become a big sister. She is surprised and nervous when her little brother is born prematurely. She visits him in the NICU and shares a touch and a red balloon. Sadly her little brother dies, and the story concludes with her making him a sweet card. This story is accurate and well told from a child's perspective. A great resource for families, libraries, hospitals, therapists, social workers and support groups."
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Tiniest Warrior Preemie Book

The Tiniest Warrior of All: A Fairytale for Families with a Premature Baby
by Nicola JD Maher
"A cute premise with a rather unusual presentation, this children's picture book presents the journeys of a preemie baby from conception to home in a mythical format. Parents with religious beliefs or who wish to present a factual story are likely to find it confusing. Parents looking for a indirect, gentle way of viewing the time in the NICU may findit fits the bill. It is nicely illustrated."
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Tiniest Warrior Preemie Book

Evan Early
by Rebecca Hogue Wojahn
"This story for siblings of preemies illustrates the ways that the struggles of pre-term babies time in the hospital neonatal unit (NICU) can impact the whole family. When baby Evan is born prematurely his big sister Natalie makes a calendar recording his days in the NICU until he can come home to his family. Each day is colored with a different crayon indicating the highs and lows of his young life. Natalie also struggles with the loss of her mother's attention. Finally Natalie can touch her baby brother's little fingers, showing her love. The book includes several helpful pages of questions and answers children may have about preemies in the NICU."
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Waiting for Baby Joe - preemie book Waiting for Baby Joe
by Pat Lowery Collins

"Unlike the other books on this page, real life photographs illustrate this story of the reaction and adjustment of an older sister to new baby brother, who was born premature." For ages 4-8.
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