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Alex a Preemie Alex: The Fathering Of A Preemie
by Jeff Stimpson
The compelling first hand account of raising child who was born extremely premature. Alex was born weighing only 23 ounces and spent one year in Neonatal Intensive Care in the hospital. Once he came home from the hospital he still needed oxygen and feeding assistance for several years. Even as he began to get stronger, concerns were raised over developmental issues as he moved through preschool. Jeff Stimpson skillfully describes in intimate and accurate detail the emotional and practical impact of raising a very small preemie. The ups and downs, the joys and grief, the worries and just pure frustrations are beautifully elaborated. Jeff shows that parents can not only survive this journey, but maintain their hopes and sense of humor.
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Parenting Your Premature Baby and Child Parenting Your Premature Baby and Child: The Emotional Journey
by Deborah L. Davis and Mara Tesler Stein
The premature birth of your child tosses you and your family into a whirlwind of emotions, where it seems you will never touch down. Davis and Stein provide an emotional map to the roller coaster ride you have embarked upon - from the first shock of the news and sight of your newborn child to the roller coaster ride in the NICU and on to the peaks and valleys of your time at home. Topics include the emotional implications of early delivery, physical recovery, the NICU experience, settling in at home, development and growth, caregiver challenges, special needs, moving on, subsequent pregnancies and much more. Highly recommended for anyone who loves a preemie. An older book but the topic is still relevant.
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Coming to Term Coming to Term : A Father's Story of Birth, Loss, and Survival
by William H., Jr. Woodwell
A father's first hand account of the premature birth of his daugher, and her subsequent four month experience in the hospital's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit... We experience the events of prematurity - ventalitation, infections, first bath, and finally transfer to a step down hospital in preparation for the homecoming.
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Living Miracles Living Miracles : Stories of Hope from Parents of Premature Babies
by Kimberly A. Powell & Kim Wilson
An engrossing collection of the true stories of babies who were born prematurely, as told by their parents. This book will pull you into the roller coaster world of medical catastrophy and miraculous events of prematurity. Twenty-one biographical stories are laid out from very early gestation (23 weeks) to almost normal gestation (36 weeks). Like prematurity itself, these stories run the gamut from agonizing to joyful. The outcomes vary from children who have significant issues (in this book often related to genetic or other conditions) to children with little residual medical effects. All of the stories are gripping.
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The NICU Rollercoaster
By Nicole E. Zimmerman and Edward J. Sprague
This is the touching true story of the early arrival of premature twins and the ups and downs of their 160 days in the hospital. Heart-warming personal blog posts are interspersed with helpful information for parents coping with the issues of very early or small preemies."
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Preemie Chronicles Preemie Chronicles : Our NICU Experience
by Jeff Ewing
A day by day glimpse into life in the NICU, as two preemie babies cope with dramatic ups and downs before coming home. The personal NICU story of the father of twins is recounted with considerable humor and empathy.
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Small Victories Small Victories - Conversations about Prematurity, Disability, Vision Loss, and Success
Mary Lou Dickerson
Though this is an older book, it is unique and worth reading. It is an amazing collection of the life stories of people who where born prematurely and are now adults... It is a rare book that deserves a place on the bookshelf of anyone interested in the life-time effects of prematurity.
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An Innocent, A Broad
by Ann Leary
Ann Leary flew to London for what she thought would be a short vacation, when she unexpectedly delivered her baby prematurely. She uses humor and story telling skills to recount her subsequent five month stay in England, as her baby is born and then slowly grows. This book is a bit lighter than many books on prematurity, focusing on her fish out of water feelings as she copes with living on low funds in an unfamiliar environment. The author is frank and open about her struggles with the complications of having a preemie, in the special care unit and then in her apartment. This is a book that anyone can enjoy, as well as parents of preemies.
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Born Too Soon Born Too Soon
by Elizabeth Mehren
The touching, true story of the short life of a fragile but heroic preemie, as told by her mother. The author, Elizabeth Mehren, has a wealth of experience as a professional writer for the Los Angeles Times and it shows in the accuracy and fluidity of her writing. Preemie parents will enjoy the way she captures the experience of the NICU - the arrogance of a neonatologist, the emotionally involved nurse, the omnipresent machines, and the tramautic ups and downs of this fragile life. I have to admit that I hesitated a long while to read this book, as the Mehren's daughter does not survive. But now that I have finally read it I am amazed at accurately it captures the thoughts and experiences of a generation of NICU parents. While the ending is sad, the reader is left with the feeling that little Emily's life was truly valued by those who knew her and by everyone touched by this book.
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