Prematurity Research - Preemie Research

Research on the short and long term impacts of prematurity.

The Effects of Prematurity on the Social and Emotional Development of School Age Children

Many Prematurity Issues are Mild

Timing of Diagnoses of Prematurity Impacts

Prematurity Research Disproves the Theory that Preemies Catch Up By Age Three

Comforting Touch and Massage Reduce Stress for Preterm Infants in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Mild Cerebral Palsy and Motor Impairment and Prematurity

Variability of Diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy of Preemies

Risk Factors and Variability of Cerebral Palsy Related to Prematurity

Constipation and Prematurity

Will My Baby "Catch Up"?