Super Hero Ego Trippin'

By Alex Martin

I head toward the stars.
I push out of the galaxy and spread across the constellations.
I return to Earth and give birth to a second son in time of need.
I find real solutions to the problems of home and abroad.

Nor corporate criminal escapes my sight.
No police office is able to profile another African American male.
In a single bound I leap toward Loch Ness to discover its secrets.
I explore that ancient lake to uncover its mysteries.
I find them along with a ghost or two.

I leave my physical body and travel the astral plain.
I discover the secrets of the 4th dimension and gain some sympathy for God's task.

I head toward a covert government prison and free the aliens within,
Thus saving us from being invaded.

I know there are things we can do;
I understand there are mysteries to explore;
I realize there are secrets in our past to uncover.
I know there are people who need to be brought to justice and stripped of their wealth,
And I'm the one to do it.

Alex was a one pound preemie, and wrote this poem when he was a teen.