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Bibliography of the Long Term Effects of Prematurity

Bibliography of follow-up studies prepared by Helen Harrision, author of The Premature Baby, for parents to present to the school, the pediatrician, and any other institution or person who deals with our children. The articles "cover the range of the 'milder' issues from visual (non-ROP), visual/motor, motor problems (that aren't called CP), behavioral, cognitive, learning problems, scan abnormalities and relation (or lack of relation) to other later problems."

By Helen Harrison

See Also: Research on Prematurity Impacts

You can use Medscape & Medline to view abstracts of many of these articles.

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Abilities at School Age."New England Journal of Medicine1991;325:231-7." ) -- 2 pages

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Also of interest - articles about studies:

From: Pediatric News 1991 page 30: "Clumsiness in Young Children May Persist in Later Years" concerning a study in Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology by Anne Losse and colleagues, above.)

"Low birthweight, vision" on the study by Powls et al.

"Forgetting May Be A Matter of Birth Injury" Reuters Medical News, October 27, 1999. 

Winslow. "Trouble Plagues Preemies Who Are Saved" The Wall Street Journal September 22, 1994. (Commentary on Maureen Hack's Study on <750 g Preemies, above.)

Helen Harrison is the well known author of The Premature Baby Book, often referred to as the "Bible of Prematurity" by older preemie parents. These observations are excerted with permission from posts to the prematurity parents support internet mailing lists on prematurity: Preemie-child and Preemie-L.

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