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Preemie Child Rules

The Preemie Child listserv provides support and information on the long term impacts of prematurity for parents of school age preemies. Parents of children 4 years or older who were born prematurely are welcome.

Children who are born very prematurely may have disabilities and special needs, including medical, physical and psychological impacts, which continue to require attention as they enter school and society. These disabilities and special needs are often difficult to address because they may be "invisible" and multiple. This listserv brings our families together for support to learn from each other's experiences. The purpose of the list is to assist parents in raising their children, so that their child and adult preemies may reach their full potential. The underlying assumption of this group is that our children are valued members of our families and of society, who may need additional support, information, care and understanding as they grow up, and beyond.

Premature birth itself lets to a wide range of potential outcomes, which are represented within our group - from miniscule to severe, from emotional to physical, from head to foot! As in society, our group of preemie parents is diverse, representing many different values, education levels, and personalities. Our underlying unity is to explore the long term impacts - physical, emotional, and otherwise - of prematurity, and to support one another in the care of our children. Participation in this group is predicated upon an atmosphere of polite respect and consideration towards one another (and our children), and by our agreement to cheerfully abide by the basic list rules.

1. Messages must be on topic. The topic is raising our preemies and the long term impacts of prematurity on our children (and families).

2. Do not abuse mail volume. Our members are busy parents and the number one reason people leave is heavy volume on unnecessary topics.

Listserv and ICORS are donating email service and servers to our group. In return they ask that we do not abuse "bandwidth." Therefore please respect the mail load. Do not send off topic mail, chain letters, scams or internet "alerts", jokes, "Me to" messages, or other mail that is not useful to the list members.

Please avoid resending messages to the list when you reply. Prune the response. This helps keep the digest readable and also reduces bandwidth.

3. Please use plain text so your message and the digest is readable We have a blind reader who participates and marked up text does not translate well.

4. Messages on preemie-child are private and are copyright to the originator. Get permission from the writer before you resend e-mail to people outside the list or use it in a publication or any other public form. Get permission from the listowner before any publication.

5. Keep messages polite and supportive - to members, the owner and the commitee.

6. Do not send any advertising on the list. The list is not a place to fund raise, either for charities, your family, nor for any
commercial purposes. Conctact the listowner if you have questions. (Email addresseses are not to be used for mass mailings.)

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