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Drawings from the Newborn :
Poems and Drawings of Infants in Crisis

by Heather Spears

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Reviewer: Allison Martin

In Drawings from the Newborn, Heather Spears' delicate pencil illustrations bring into our hearts the tiny beings who inhabit the NICU. This collection of portraits of premature babies and sick infants in the Copenhagen NICU is a touching memorial to preemies everywhere. The intimacy of these drawings focus on the individuality of each baby, as the NICU intrudes with a glimpse of a caring hand or oxygen tube. Heather Spears has captured the feeling of sitting by the isolette of your baby for hours on end, studying their tiny features as they struggle toward life.

The drawings are accompanied by short poems which go straight to the heart. Helen Spears' is an experienced author and poet, and this is demonstrated in the poignancy of her poems about parenting and life and death struggles that make up the NICU experience.

The illustrations and poems in Drawings from the Newborn were three years in the making, as Helen Spears traveled by ferry and bicycle to the Copenhagen NICU to draw for 4-5 hours each night.

Drawings from the Newborn makes an exceptional gift for family members and professionals who would enjoy the images of the NICU through the compassionate eyes of an artist. This makes for a special gift for children who have made it successfully through the NICU."

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